Grow your event with spectators data

  • Teskerti shares registered users who buy tickets data.
  • Increase your user database.
  • Send targeted communications and promotions.
  • improve the quality of the events.

One of the fundamental principles of Full Ticketing is to share user data with the event organizers, a choice that symbolizes the will to give concrete support to the organizers.

With Teskerti the organizer can choose which data request to the users during the registration process, always respecting the privacy of the buyers and the data processing.
If we consider the time, cost and effort involved in acquiring a user, it is clear that having a large user base is a primary goal of every event organizer.

The event organizer, thanks to the precious shared data, can send to viewers:

  • Communications to stimulate the purchase.
  • Newsletter, to keep viewers updated.
  • Surveys, to know the customer satisfaction.
  • Offers, on quantity, on packages, etc., to retain customers.
  • Contest.


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