What is an event pass and what is it for?

The organizer of an event, in addition to ensuring the best experience possible needs to worry about safety.
Spectators safety, service staff safety, artists safety, and it must have the greatest possible control over the whole venue or location where it takes place the event.

  • Safety.
  • Control.
  • Practicality.

Pass like a communication tool
We know well the appeal that passes infuses in the perception of the spectator. That's why passes have begun to spread and evolve as a true brand and communication tool, especially in business events, more and more spectacular. Passes could be really appreciated also as tickets, like special tickets for Fan Club, or for VIP seats.

Staff and crew
Of course, passes and badges can be used to manage the access to determinate areas of the venue. 
So you can find passes for the staff and crew: all-access area, changing rooms, press area, catering, warehouse, etc. 

Sometimes a pass can be an unauthorized way to access an event because an intruder could reproduce it and make it "turn" to more people.
These days it is good and recommended to have the maximum control before, during and after an event.
Teskerti can add on your pass:

  • Customized graphics and information.
  • Univocal QR code.
  • QR code + barcode.
  • Personal data.
  • Photo.


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