Teskerti Pass System, event passes management.

With Teskerti Pass System manage the passes for professionals, crews and guests: customize graphics, layouts, access to areas and identifying photo.

Teskerti Pass System is one of the last great innovations of the ticketing system.
Sometimes the event organizers need to manage the creation, assignment, and printing of passes.

In a market where attention to detail and the differentiation of services offered to the customer is increasingly important, Clappit has created this powerful tool to allow the organizers to resolve critical issues related to event passes.

Passes represent a delicate and important aspect in the context of a live show because they can guarantee effective control and contribute to the success of the event.
The organizer must be focused on the "live part", to ensure maximum satisfaction of the public. At the same time, it has to be able to manage all those aspects hidden behind the scenes.

Passes have always been used to manage access to certain areas of the place where the event takes place. One of the main features is the management of permits: only specific categories of workers or special guests can have permission to access particular areas. So it is essential to be able to provide all employees with a valid document for recognition that allows them to move freely in the venue and, for security, to be able to control precisely and quickly.

Types of passes
The types created will be identified as the default ones. For simplicity, they can have a name similar to the areas of the event location. Here are some examples: all area, changing rooms, buffets, lounges, VIP area, etc. The organizer can assign and revoke the passes at any times.  

Pass customization
With Teskerti Pass System you can customize the print format to suit your needs. 
Some parts of the pass have a positioning and a fixed size in the lower part, but can be customized the colors. The biggest part of the pass is dedicated, usually, to the image of the event and to the requested textual parts.
The organizer can print the passes or send them through e-mail. 

Identification photo
During registration, you can upload a photo of the beneficiary of the pass. With Teskerti Pass System it is also possible to acquire a photo from a webcam, directly at the place of the event, without the need to install or download additional software or plug-ins.

Access control
On the pass, it is possible to print a barcode or a QR code to check the movements with the integrated access control.

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