How can I sell tickets directly from my website?

Users purchase tickets, products, and services with greater confidence, directly from the official website of the event or organizer. 
Organizer's website is also usually the first "choice" for search engines.

Teskerti creates private labels with a customized sales process to improve the user experience and user interface for your audience.

  • Customized features and the look and feel faithful to the brand and the values it transmits.
  • A coherent customer journey, to stimulate the involvement of the participant and to enrich the offer.
  • You can obtain, thanks to the ticket sales, the users' data. Useful, in order to dedicate targeted marketing actions.
  • Free tools such as the purchase widget and the Facebook Store.
  • Improves the natural positioning on the search engines of your brand.
  • More traffic on the site is equivalent to higher sales.

Teskerti n°1 du E-Ticket en Tunisie


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