What did the customer receive after the purchase?


Once that the ticket purchase is complete, the customer can receive the ticket in different ways.
The organizer can activate all together or partially the ticket types and delivery methods.

  • Print-at-home tickets. The consumer receives the ticket by e-mail attachment in PDF format. It has to print it and present it at the entrance for access control phase.
    Once validated, the QR code/bar code will be no longer valid for another entry. Convenient, safe, economical.

  • Digital tickets. Can be managed with various applications both for iOS and Android. The user receives the digital ticket as an attachment to the confirmation e-mail and can save it in the app.
    Digital tickets can also be loaded on common magnetic cards and RFID bracelets
  • Paper tickets, with the classical anti-counterfeit hologram. The spectator buys this ticket online, it can receive it with postal service, or collect it at the event venue. 

Teskerti n°1 du E-Ticket en Tunisie


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