What tickets can I sell with Teskerti?

Teskerti allows the sale of different types of tickets, to meet the different requests and needs of event organizers and spectators.

Print-at-home tickets
Tickets with home printing, customers receive them attached to the order confirmation e-mail. 

  • Ticket sales phase can be extended near to the date of the event because print-at-home ticket cancels shipping times.
  • Ticket customizable, with some spaces available for advertising, sponsors, and communications.
  • The organizer can also use the print-at-home ticket for additional products and services.
  • Prevents the queues at the ticket office.
  • The ticket is always available in the e-mail box.

Dematerialized or digital ticket
Extremely convenient and practical to use, digital tickets are used with various supports, such as smartphones, credit cards, or devices with RFID technology (such as bracelets).

  • Ideal to load other titles like additional products and services purchased.
  • Apps are available for iOS and Android.
  • It prevents the spectator from having to queue.
  • The ticket is always available in the e-mail box.

Paper ticket
It is the classic paper ticket with an anti-counterfeit hologram issued with a thermal printer.

  • You can print the ticket with special graphics.
  • Enter the event logo.
  • Massive prepress of tickets.
  • In case of need, it allows performing access control by tearing the mother coupon for verification.

The paper ticket can be:

  • Picked-up at the event venue
  • Shipped with a courier

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