Make great passes and check each area at the venue.

Passes creation is often an underestimated activity, which can involve manual management to achieve mediocre results.
In a market dominated by the attention to details, Teskerti offers an innovative Pass System, that allows the organizers to solve some critical issues related to the event passes.
With Teskerti Pass System it is possible to create amazing passes for sporting events, concerts, shows, business events, meetings, conferences, and fairs.

With Full Ticketing, managing the event passes online is very simple and quick thanks to the dedicated features. That allows you to keep under control all the venues areas and manage correctly and safely the "behind the scenes".

Teskerti Pass System provides various features.

  • Passes can be customized with a logo, colors, text on front and back.
  • Massive import of lists of names.
  • You can insert photos.
  • You can create passes directly at the venue, import photos with a webcam and print them.
  • Manage access to certain areas of the venue, Teskerti allows permissions management.
  • With the Pass System, you can create passes for the press, VIPs, guests.
  • A pass can be an amazing and professional ticket for business events. 
  • Passes can be printed on a common A4 sheet, and then it can be laminated.
  • Teskerti Access Control allows pass validation.

Teskerti n°1 du E-Ticket en Tunisie


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