How can I check the entry title of spectators at my event?

With Teskerti Access Control you can validate every type of tickets, paper or digital. 

As every organizer knows, the moment of access control is crucial for the success of an event and is a really delicate phase.

  • Teskerti Access Control: the free mobile app for Android devices.
    Professional and free, it allows you to scan QR codes conveniently with your smartphone's camera. With the help of a Bluetooth reader, it also allows also barcodes lecture. Each operator is able to control from 600 to 800 entrance tickets per hour, avoiding the formation of queues.
  • Web Access Control: the ideal solution for checking entrance tickets from a desktop or laptop station. Perfect for theaters or cinemas. Allows you to check tickets with a barcode reader.
  • Turnstiles: ideal for large events and venues

Teskerti access control system allows:

  • To manage entry gates to be associated with tickets to sort the public, ideal for large-scale events.
  • To display a report with a graph in real-time to monitor the flow of spectators.
  • Report on tickets validated hour by hour.
  • The number of participants still expected.
  • The number of tickets checked per station.

Teskerti n°1 du E-Ticket en Tunisie


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