Present your event at his best with customized registration processes and invitations.

Invitations and personalized registration processes, to offer experiences that meet the objectives and needs of the corporate event.

Teskerti is able to offer safe and memorable experiences, to reach the target, thanks to the unique attention to technological functionality, usability, and graphic details.

The online registration process can be customized to meet the needs of the corporate event.

  • Customized private page with a registration form (not visible to the public).
  • Private label linked to the official website of the company (ideal for corporate events open to the public).
  • Import of mailing list and massive e-mail dispatch with invitations.
  • Massive dispatch of e-mail with a link to the hidden registration page.


  • Customized graphics and layouts. 
  • Print-at-home format, with QR code and bar code.
  • Pass, often strictly nominal, with univocal QR code.  

Unique QR code
For each corporate event, and in particular for exclusive events, Teskerti produces unique QR codes, which allow only one scan at the access control.
It ensures that each pass/ticket is used exclusively by only one person.
The combination of a unique QR code with the access control technology is a fundamental aspect from the security point of view. 

Pass System

To make your event even more exclusive, Teskerti can produce passes to access only 
to certain areas of the event.
Passes can be used also to use particular services (catering, parking, food&beverage, etc.).

With Teskerti Pass System you can customize the pass with data and photos.
Passes can be made on different supports: from the classic printing on paper that can be laminated to more innovative solutions on cards or RFID bracelet.

Teskerti n°1 du E-Ticket en Tunisie


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