Find the right answer and solve all your doubts on the ticket office.

Deepen every aspect of the ticket office for the show.

Full Ticketing

1What is Full Ticketing?
2What are packages?
3How can I print tickets for my event?
4What tickets can I sell with Teskerti?
5How can I sell tickets directly from my website?

Access control

1How can I check the entry title of spectators at my event?
2Where do I find the material to perform access control for my event?
3Is it mandatory to check the tickets validity?

Clappit Expo Exhibitor

1How Teskerti Expo Exhibitor can help me?
2What is Teskerti Expo Exhibitor?

Pass management

1What is an event pass and what is it for?
2How can I customize the passes for my event?

Business Event

1Can I use Teskerti services for business events?

Box office

1What kind of printers do you rent for ticket sales at the box office?
2With Teskerti is it possible to customized tickets?
3With Teskerti, what ticket formats can I use?
4With Teskerti, can I sell both online and at the box office?
5What do you need to sell tickets for your event?
6What is the box office?
7Do I need to buy a license to activate a box office station?
8Do I need to buy hardware or other tools to sell tickets with the box office?

Registration, access, profile management

1Registration on Teskerti website
2Registration on Teskerti website or a partner site
3Registration and access with social platforms.
4I have not received the registration confirmation e-mail.
5Access from a tablet or smartphone.
6I forgot my login password, how can I do?
7I cannot log in, my user has been blocked?
8Find the list of orders related to my Teskerti account.
9Change the access data on Teskerti profile.
10How do I create or change my billing or shipping address?
11How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter subscription?

General information

1What kind of events can be managed with Teskerti ticketing system?
2Is Teskerti ticketing system safe?

Ticketing words

1What is a fixed-shift season ticket?
2What season does it means?
3What is a free-shift season ticket?
4What is a buyer?
5What is a price sector?
6What is a sector?
7What space and venue are?
8What does perfomance mean?

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