Full integration with all the Full Ticketing features.

Teskerti Expo Exhibitor web application integrates fully with Teskerti Full Ticketing platform to create a grand fair.

  • Private label. 
  • Management and control of every aspect of the event.
  • Packages, box office, access control, up and cross-selling.

Teskerti Expo Exhibitor is fully integrated with our Full Ticketing platform that offers with a range of innovative services to create unique, original and customized events.

  • Private label for tickets and passes sales.
  • Issuance of any type of ticket and subscription (paper, with home printing, digital).
  • Mobile access control with gate management and data in real-time.
  • Box office stations with thermal printers if needed. 
  • Possibility to sell packages: tickets/pass + products and services like accommodation, food & beverage and more.


Discover the possibilities of Clappit Expo Exhibitor for your next fair, download the brochure.

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