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Downtown Vibes invites Rainer (Half Baked Records)

24 février 2018 @ 21 h 00 min - 25 février 2018 @ 4 h 00 min Wax Bar 10TND

Our next gig will include a Spanish breeze that will feed the fire of your souls. Rainer (Half Baked Records), a cratedigger from Barcelona, will be holding an eclectic message of rhythms from a country that takes positive vibes as a religion in its clubs.
Under our usual disco ball, you’ll be united with our finest artists, Boulares (Terrasse Dub) and Hamdi Ryder (Downtown Vibes – Tunis).
Get your colorful shirts , your shiny shoes and join the grooves !

???? LINE UP

– Rainer (Half Baked Records)

– HAMDI RYDER (Downtown Vibes – Tunis)

– Boulares (Terrasse Dub)

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Début :
24 février 2018 @ 21 h 00 min
Fin :
25 février 2018 @ 4 h 00 min
Prix :
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Wax Bar
Gammarth, Tunisie
Tickets are not available as this évènement has passed.

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