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Downtown Vibes Invites NICK V (La Mona – Paris)

20 octobre 2017 @ 21 h 00 min - 21 octobre 2017 @ 2 h 00 min Wax Bar 10TND

As the Disco God with his groovy spell regain his throne, his funky DJs are the new masters of the dancefloor.
On the 20th of October, you’ll shake your body and soul to the funky beats of the Manchester born and Paris based, Nick V, founder of La Mona , along with two of our finest vinyl diggers and djs, HAMDI RYDERand Youstaaz who will be answering the mighty call of the disco ball.

???? LINE UP

Nick V (La Mona – Paris)

HAMDI RYDER ( Downtown Vibes – Tunis )

Youstaaz ( Downtown Vibes – Tunis )

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Début :
20 octobre 2017 @ 21 h 00 min
Fin :
21 octobre 2017 @ 2 h 00 min
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Wax Bar
Gammarth, Tunisie


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