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◘How strange to greet, this frosty morn,
In graceful counterfeit of flower,
These children of the meadows, born
Of sunshine and of showers!

How well the conscious wood retains
The pictures of its flower-sown home,
The lights and shades, the purple stains,
And golden hues of bloom!

It was a happy thought to bring
To the dark season’s frost and rime
This painted memory of spring,
This dream of summertime.“

◘ This is how John Greenleaf Whittier started „Flowers in Winter“. As we’re starting the winter time as well, and we’re going in mournings for few months, we wanted to bring our „children of meadows » some « sunshine and flowers, a painted memory of spring » and « that dream of summertime », in a very special way!

◘ As we didn’t see each other since more than one year from now – at that time Stephan Bodzin was introducing his debut Album ‚Powers Of Ten’ at our event in the EcoVillage – and we managed to take our time; we prepared for you something new, something decent, a new definition of the nightlife-experience in Tunisia.

◘ After starting in our beloved city Sousse, back in 2012, we headed north direction the capital Tunis, and afterwards we threw an event in a small village called Sidi Khelifa, which was in a different setting than what someone could imagine when you ask him about clubbing in Tunisia. That event ended at 9am, after a 7hours set of Thugfucker. But before Thungfucker we had the same experience with Âme’s Kristian, who set the roof on fire also for 6,5hours till 8am. The same goes for Stephan Bodzin’s event, who played an outstanding 5,5hours set, ending at 7am. So marathon-sets have been a kind of a trademark for BeAtS’ events. That’s because we believe that playing music is like reading a book, or hearing a story, so lowering it to just two hours will put two many details apart and many things will be forgot! So here is the plan: Just one guest, one experience, a story, a trip. In other words: Just Music – No bullshit!

◘ For this time, we’re going to make our debut in Hammamet, the hub of nightlife in Tunisia. Situated between Sousse and Tunis, it makes it for everyone situable to enjoy our first and last year’s event! BeAtS got a relooking, and you’re gonna discover its’ new winter raincoat. The location is in the heart of the city, and makes it’s debut with us as well – There has never been something like this organized there, and we can just tell you something: Try to change your plans now, because you don’t want to miss the first experience in such a place!

◘ We invited for this session a legend, who was charming souls all over the world for quite a bit now. Someone who don’t just play music, he rather spreads feelings into hearts. Our guest tells stories throughout his sets – and stories need an introduction, a climax and a conclusion! That’s why we do it again as we used to: It’s going to be an All-Night-Long-Set! Put on adequate dancing shoes, because it’s going to be a long ride, full of emotions, love, inspiration and memories.

◘ One of the new stuff we’ve got is our brand new website where you have to register to get your tickets for our next event. No registration – No tickets. The registred members will have the opportunity to get gifts and free tickets, invitations to special events (limited to members), and other advantages. So don’t waste time and register now, because there will be gifts for the first members.

◘ Second new thing, is that the event is going to be kind of a concert – You have to be there early because we will close the doors this time very early, and entrance will not be possible anymore after a specific time. We will be strict on that, so please respect it. And as usual, no tickets at the door, and you know that we don’t mess out with this point.

◘ Concerning the entry-cards, we will start with the Blind-Release, as we were doing the last couple of times, and we don’t need to explain the concept anymore – we believe that you got already used to it, if not, ask a friend. As soon as the blind-release cards are sold-out, we’re going to announce the guest name(s) and start the First-Release, which is of course more expensive.

◘ So, prepare yourself for the last BeAtS this year!

◘ BeAtS (Sousse, Tunisia)


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