Modern solutions to sell tickets on-site at the event.

Sold out with secure, fast and simple web and mobile applications for box office sales at the event venue.

  • We rent thermal printers to sell on-site.
  • Sell until the last moment available.
  • Ideal for venues with fixed locations such as theaters, cinemas, bowling, parks.

With Full Ticketing technology and methodology you can sell directly onsite at the event with the box office application.
Teskerti offers easy-to-use mobile and web applications, ideal for various locations such as cinema, theater, call centers, interactive totems.

You'll need only the application, a computer, access to the internet, a thermal printer, and the tickets.

Teskerti can rent box office stations or only the printers. After a short on-line configuration with our staff, the printer is ready to print tickets.
Excellent performance of printing speed in terms of tickets per minute, to avoid queues at the box office and provide an accurate service.

With the web applications of box office you can:

  • Manage allotments and block codes inside the venue, to block and assign certain lines or seat sectors.
  • Manage thermal printers.
  • Make accreditations or reservations.
  • Print multiple orders together.
  • Import and export white lists, including third parties, for access control.
  • Use physical and virtual POS for credit card payments.

Contact us and start selling at the event venue with the box office.


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