Find out more about our access control.

Teskerti ticketing system is equipped with a certified access control, in web application or Android app.

Teskerti ticketing system allows you to check the validity of the ticket for your event, but not only.
With just a single tool, you can also validate:

  • Tickets.
  • Vouchers of products and services bought online.
  • Passes.
  • Third parties tickets.

Access control is useful to monitor entrances to your event, to verify the authenticity of the ticket. It helps the organizer to manage the entry phase of the participants in safety.  

With Teskerti, you can check users tickets in three ways.

  • Web access control: WAC (Web Access Control) requires a laptop or tablet with an internet connection and a barcodes reader.
  • Teskerti Access Control: the official app for Android devices. Every operator is able to validate between 600 and 800 codes per hour, on average.
  • Integrated access control with turnstiles.

Access control, both in web application and Android app is a free and inclusive service for Teskerti users, and it can also be used for checking the entrances for free events.

The most common reasons that impede access control from being well managed.

  • Lack of internet connection (for example in a park).
  • Too many entrance gates
  • Too many workers, so it is too expensive to provide everyone with a computer.
  • Lack of space or architectural barriers to installing access control stations.
  • High costs to install third-party access control.

With Teskerti all these obstacles belong to the past. Easy and ready to be used. 

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