Avoid queues with the powerful mobile access control app.

A powerful access control to validate entrance tickets, service passes, product and service vouchers with detailed reports.

  • Quick and easy to use: each operator can validate between 600 and 800 codes per hour.
  • With the same application, you can check tickets and passes.
  • Validate tickets sold by third parties.
  • It works with every type of ticket: paper, with home printing, or digital.

Access control is a critical and important activity for all the events because it assures safety.
So it is important that all the steps are carried out in the right way, to make the customer feel that the service is precise and leaves nothing to chance.

  • Verifying the authenticity and regularity of the tickets sold.
  • Aim to help the organizer to manage the entry phase of the participants.

Teskerti offers access control systems that can validate:

  • All types of tickets: paper tickets, digital tickets, and print-at-home.
  • Vouchers and receipts of collateral service and products bought online.
  • All kind of passes (workers, guests, passes for services, press, and more).

With Teskerti, you can consult an access control report: with the number of total accesses, divided by terminals or gates.
The reports also present a graph that illustrates the trends of the entries by time slot.

Teskerti Access Control
Teskerti Access Control is a free and professional mobile app for Android devices.
It allows you to scan the QR codes on the ticket directly with the smartphone camera. With the aid of a Bluetooth scanner, it also allows the reading of barcodes.
You can rent the equipment for access control or download the app directly on your smartphone. Our kit is composed of Android smartphones with the app and the Bluetooth scanner.

Web Access Control
Ideal for validating tickets from a fixed station, in venues such as theaters, cinemas, museums.
It works by connecting a PC to the Clappit ticketing system.
Fast and accurate, you can use a barcode reader in keyboard emulation to read the tickets. You can rent laptops for access control stations, Bluetooth scanners for reading QR codes and barcodes.

Teskerti access control system can be integrated with turnstiles.
The system is multivenue: it allows the management of several turnstiles on different venues in different cities, through a single control panel.
We can enable or disable the turnstiles, in order to read only certain tickets.
Another amazing and useful aspect is the possibility to send notifications for the entry of particular types of users.

Contact us, we will choose together the type of access control that best suits your event.


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